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Your olympic mindset (sports) coach, your speaker and the one who DARES!

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  • I have taken the "Online plant based nutrition courses" at the Cornell University.

  • I have the herbal foundations diploma from the IEPP
  • Wellness coaching Australia
  • French Cycling coaching diploma
  • British cycling coach level 3 road and track
  • National Strength and Performance Association strength and conditioning coach
  • French BJEPS forme and force



BAM, Body & Mind. Brilliant, resilient leadership starts with You!


We help women cultivate their resilience and leadership potential.

B.A.M is a 12-week adventure of Body and Mind for small groups of women who aspire to become great leaders.


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Marion Speaker

Marion Clignet, Your Motivational Speaker


Marion Clignet is a great Motivational Speaker and she will pass on the right messages about building confidence, stepping outside the box and reaching new heights to your company’s managers and employees.


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Dare To Be A Winner

“I’ve spoken around the world on overcoming obstacles, managing epilepsy and sport, and focusing on how YOU CAN …

… when others tell you that you can’t!”

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Build A Dream With Marion Clignet

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A Professional School for Children with Epilepsy

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A Gymnasium for the Lycée Professionnel Castelnouvel

Marion’s Biography


Hi There!

My name is Marion Clignet. At the age of 22, I discovered I had epilepsy and was told I wouldn’t be allowed to drive for a year. Why? Get to know more here.

Marion Clignet

The 4 Key words!
Mental Strength

Mental Strength

You've got the power! Where there's a will, there's a way!



You're never better served than by your own self. So Do Your Homework!



Learn how to step outside the box. "If you don't try, you'll never know"!



Motivation is about building your team with the right people, who will lead you to higher summits.

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