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Tuesday on July 16th a group of women will leave Albi in the morning to ride 100km towards Toulouse. Led by 6 x World Champion and double Olympic medalist Marion Clignet and organized by with Marion. We are an official event for Albi and Toulouse in the South West of France and the event is free!

We’ll be following the same route as the 11th stage of the Tour de France!

We’ll be following the same route as the 11th stage of the Tour de France the following day and we’ll hopefully have done enough publicity to have lots of women join us at any point along the way if not from the start. The last meeting point will be about 11km from the finish line before heading towards the city center.

Our goal is to arrive in Toulouse with 100 women to celebrate the 100th birthday of the yellow jersey. We plan to sell a special jersey (not yellow but more orange) with all benefits going towards the day’s success or donated to another cause. We’re not doing this to make money, we just want to create visual impact and awareness that the bike is a modern option to cars and sport largely available to women!!

So come and join us!!

For women and girls mainly!

All cyclists are welcome but we are really aiming to attract women and girls. We will be accompanied by the ‘’Motards du Cœur’ to insure our safety on the road but this is essentially a ‘randonnée’; everyone is responsible for their own safety and non-violations of the road safety code.

Come and join us!!

At the end of the ride, we will have a little reception in town but because that means spending cash, I’m not sure how special it will be. What does the ride cost? NOTHING! It’s free; The Tour de France is the biggest and only mass event for free, so ours is too!

For insurance purposes we do ask that you all register (both men and women).

It’s free!!

What does the ride cost? NOTHING! It’s free!

Come equipped with your bike, kit, and an emergency repair kit in case you flat and wear clothing adapted to 5-6 hours in hot weather. We recommend 2 water bottles that you will be able to fill up along the way and whatever snacks you’ll need for fuel.


It will be fabulous!

We will be in Albi at 8h30 and leave the city center at 9am. The route description can be downloaded or seen here: For those not on strava, we’ll post another link soon.

Come join us!!

WHAT ABOUT THE PACE? Race? Social? Stroll? Leaving Albi at 9A.%. with an anticipated arrival in Toulouse at 3 P.M. means it will be a comfortable ride.

Tamara and Marion

Tamara KROLL
Organization contact
Tel - 06 71 94 60 04

Tamara KROLL

The organization of the day