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Ahh how I love it when my alarm rings at oh F___ hundred…Bounced out of bed and headed northwest not far from Cahors, to Saint-Vincent-Rive-d’Olt (also known for malbec wines and truffles !) to race an 18km trail race with 800m of climbing and about the same in descents. It was -3 at the start and only 2 runners opted to brave the éléments in short or no sleeves and shorts-myself and my pal Sarah ! The gun went off and we were able to warm up on a long steady climb and from there it was some steep ups some very steep downs and a bit of rolling flats to stretch out our legs a little. Nice hot soup at the finish and winning the race saw me leave with a few more bottles of wine !

Podium St Vincent Rive d'Olt