Marion Clignet

Hi There

My name is Marion Clignet. At the age of 22, I discovered I had epilepsy and was told I wouldn’t be allowed to drive for a year. Why? We had to find the right treatment if possible that would allow me to live seizure free. A tad frusterated by this change and by the way the doctors told me I had to keep having epilepsy a secret because it was very taboo I decided to do just the opposite. I took up a job as a strength and conditioning coach 30kms from my house and bought a bike to get me there and back. One thing led to another, I battled with neurologists to find the right medications with the least amount of side effects and I fought hard to push myself forward and not get caught up feeling sorry for myself because of this sudden change.


I fought so hard that I rode myself to win the following titles :

  • US National team time trial Champion
  • US National Road Silver Medalist
  • 10 x FRENCH NATIONAL Road, track and time trial Champion
  • 2 x OLYMPIC SILVER MEDALIST (Atlanta and Sydney)
  • World record holder from 1996-2000 (3000m pursuit)
  • Over 250 victories including stage wins in the Tour de France, Giro Feminin, etc
  • French Long Distance duathlon champion


Why did I race for France ? You’ll find out when I come and speak for your company !

Today, in order to educate the public on epilepsy, what to do if your’e confronted with a friend or colleague having a seizure, and to raise money for research I organise a grand fondo or fund ride-in Lisle Jourdain in France on my training roads. You can ride 40 , 90 or 120 kms at race pace or at your leisure pace. The ride is Saturday, June 10th, 2017 in Lisle Jourdain!

If you click HERE you can also discover a film made by the kids at a school in Leguevin (castelnouvel is a school for children with sévère epilepsy). The film is called CARTOON ROUGE and covers my career via playmobiles from my first seizure to now and explains what to do if someone has a seizure.

I look forward to seing you all at the June 2016 edition !



PS-I’ve spoken around the world on overcoming obstacles, managing epilepsy and sport, and how to move forward when others tell you –you can’t


  • I have taken the "Online plant based nutrition courses" at the Cornell University.

  • I have the herbal foundations diploma from the IEPP
  • Wellness coaching Australia
  • French Cycling coaching diploma
  • British cycling coach level 3 road and track
  • National Strength and Performance Association strength and conditioning coach
  • French BJEPS forme and force