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My Story.
 My passion.

Marion Clignet

My passion is about using 30 years of experience to help you climb onto the top step of your podium! I want to help you overcome your own obstacles, just like I have, turn them into opportunities, and light your inner spark, release your potential, break your personal records, or fit into the clothes you’d like to be buying !

 I mentioned obstacles? Yes! Here are some obstacles I turned into opportunities: At the age of 22 I discovered I had epilepsy for no apparent reason.  I was told I couldn’t drive for 1 year.  I had to take medication for the rest of my life, shouldn’t do sports and shouldn’t talk about having epilepsy because it was taboo. Sooo… I bought a bike to get to work and back and quickly became an endorphin junkie! Not long after I tried a bike race and the rest is history. Having epilepsy made me push myself harder.


Tuesday JULY 16th, 2019


“la marion clignet” June 15th, 2019


Internet Registration Option 1

Internet Registration Option 2

La Tenace 125 km

La Rotarienne 84 km

La Balade 34 km

La Caritative 10 km

Clyclosportive for the benefit of the fight against epilepsy.


Please download your form below and send it back before June 8th, 2019 to “La Marion Clignet” 10 allée de Dinan 31770 COLOMIERS.

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