The season is coming to a close and you’re asking yourself tons of questions about how to improve your performance next season already:

  • “What’s the best equipment and how can I make it fit my budget?”
  • “What diet will help me gain performance power without gaining weight?”
  • “What training programme should I choose for optimum results?”
  • “Why am I so stressed before a race and how can I transform my nerves into energy?”

Marion and Angela will answer all of those questions on bike fit, nutrition, pedalling technique, off season training, success mindset and more!

We’ll be running two weekend sessions in the beautiful town of Argeles Gazoste for 2 nights and 2 days (Friday to Sunday) in September and October!

Weekend 1

For Beginner level women enthused about learning and progressing! September 22-24th

Weekend 2

For Intermediate level women who want to improve their base and take it further! October 20-22nd


Argeles Gazoste

With Who?

BAM! Body and Mind Coaching Marion Clignet and Angela Negro

Beginner level women


What defines a beginner?


  • You’re afraid to ride on the road and pick up speed in the descents
  • You have tons of questions that you feel dumb asking
  • You want to be able to keep up with friends or just feel more comfortable riding on your own and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • You want to ride with other women and use your joint commitment to go further together – with a bit of healthy emulation and competition to urge you forward.
  • You want to discover the best version of you and release your inner Wonder Woman!

Intermediate level women


What makes Intermediate level?


  • Your deep determination to keep getting out there to improve! You’ve done triathlons, training camps and some sportives already and you want to progress even further!
  • Pre-race nerves? We have the solution to transform your nerves into inner power that will propel your energy where it needs to be – right into your legs!
  • Multiple Olympic and World Champion cycling medallist, Marion Clignet will coach you, check your bike fit, answer questions and help sort out nutrition and drink strategies, training plans, specific cycling strength work, and more!
  • Life coach, adventure and trail runner Angela Negro will take you through various exercises to help you optimise your mindset for peak performance and be the BEST of you while out training, racing, and in your day to day activities!

Program for Beginners


Beginner Weekend Program

September 22-24 in Argeles Gazoste


Early evening meet and greet at the Hotel de Cimes

19:00 Round table apéro-presentations, tell us why you’re here!

20:00 Dinner

21-22:00 Cycling basics

Brief intro on nutrition, riding, appropriate clothing and ‘best self’ performance mentality’


7:00 Healthy breakfast (muesli, nuts and seeds, super secret booster tea)

7:30 Meditation

8:00 Team work

We’re a team for the weekend so we’ll start on teamwork and re-defining our ideas on riding, as a powerful team of women.

9-10:00 Bike fit

10:30-13:00 Assessment ride and technique

14:00 Late lunch and nap

15-17:00 Bridge the confidence gap and achieve your objectives!

You want to squash your doubts and bush that inner voice that keeps telling you you’ll never be fit enough to make it up that hill in the front group or get out the water with the top 50 let alone finish a race! It’s like a broken record turning in your head.

Angela will help you stop that broken record and tap into a more empowering tune!  Optimise your strength, increase your confidence and cultivate a powerful sense of optimism to energise your day in and day out, and get out achieving your new goals!

17:00 Strength work for cycling workshop – starting at your present level to build up

18:30 Apéro!

19:00 Presentation by Marion and questions on winter training

20:00 Dinner and Visualisation – BEST FOOT FORWARD


7:00 Healthy Breakfast

9-12:00 Ride, climbs, descending skills. Oh YES! WE WILL teach you how to descend!

13:30 Lunch


Not really sure what you’re good at?

Convinced you need to ‘fix’ yourself and seriously improve your weak points?

Think everything you do well naturally is ‘normal’?

Think again!

We know that defining and cultivating your personal superpowers is actually fundamental to achieving your potential. This is what you will learn to do with Angela in this session with practical exercices and a guided visualisation to reinforce your strengths and anchor the Wonder Woman inside you.

17:30 Questions, comments, Apéro!!

18:30 Return to base. Last one home’s a rotten egg!

**To give us more insight into YOU please answer the following questions and send it back to us!

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Program for Intermediates