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The Trail des Citadelles

Saturday afternoon off to Lavelanet -a village in the Cathare region of the Pyrénées in the Ariège région to be exact. Once a hub for various textile markets with several factories….only one factory remains.  My challenge was to see if my legs had recuperated from The...

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The Black Mountain Trail

Two videos! March, 5th, 2016 Today I pushed myself harder then I ever have. I had the brilliant idea to race in the black mountains not far from Toulouse-a 55 kms trail-mountain race with close to 4000 m of climbing. Not on a great day energy wise I thought about...

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Les Collines du Diable (The Hills of the Devil)

February, 21rst, 2016, Once again my alarm goes off at O fuck hundred ! I went to bed at 10 thinking Id sleep well and at Midnight I was up drinking herbal tea to try and get back to sleep. Yesterday Phiphi (my Partner Philippe) and I dusted off our bikes after a 5...

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Gruissan Phoebus trail-25km with 850 D+ I caught up with my team mate Maud at race registration in Gruissan-she was dressed a bit like wonder-woman with thèse super High leather boots…her dressed to kill look. Ready for our first trail of the season with special...

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Regional Cross Country Championships

January 24th, 2016 Sooo, I have to say this cross country season has me a little less confident then last season if for no other reason because during the festivities between Christmas and new years I ate too much, probably drank more then my share, and went to bed at...

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