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Marion Clignet

Build A Dream!

A Gymnasium for the Lycée Professionnel Castelnouvel and A Professional School for Children with Epilepsy 

Executive Summary


  • The Lycée Professionnel Castelnouvel is a secondary school for children with severe epilepsy who require constant medical attention and otherwise would not thrive in a mainstream system.
  • Sports is essential for the development of the students, yet the School has no gym facility.
  • The school would like to create an indoor gymnasium facility with moveable walls that would allow for multiple sports to be practiced and would enable the school to host inter school championships.
  • The overall costs of building the facility is more than €1.4 million.
  • Marion Clignet, a two time Olympic Medallist who was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 22, is working in close association with the School to help them realize their dream of building the gymnasium.
  • On June 11th, 2016, Marion is organising a fund ride bicycle event, La Marion Clignet, raising money (800 000 euros) for this project which will be covered by France 3 Sud.

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The Lycée Professionnel Castelnouvel is a secondary school for children with severe epilepsy

The Lycee Professionnel Castelnouvel

Lycee Professionnel Castelnouvel
Lycee Professionnel Castelnouvel
  • The Lycee Professionnel Castelnouvel is a secondary vocational training school designed for children with severe Epilepsy who need constant medical attention.
  • Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by seizures which are controlled but not cured with medicine.
  • The School hosts children with severe forms of epilepsy who need constant medical attention and who otherwise would not thrive in a mainstream school system.
  • 50 – 60% of the students at Castelnouvel have daily epileptic seizures.
  • The school is located in Leguevin, in the Toulouse metropolitan region and is the only school in Southern France adapted for children with severe epilepsy.
  • The school hosts nearly 200 students of which several dozen are boarding.
  • The high school offers students vocational training in Horticulture (CAPA), Restaurant Management (CAP), Metalworks (CAP), and Business Administration (BAC)

Sports is essential for the development of the students, yet the School has no gym facility

  • Sports is seen as an integral part of the students’ education as it:
  • – Compliments medical treatment and improves overall health,
  • – Helps develop their motor skills and their physical capacities,
  • – Helps develop their intellectual and professional capacities and improves school performance,
  • – Helps develop their relationship skills (e.g. via team participation),
  • – Helps them become autonomous and helps in their re-insertion in family and community life,
  • – Provides self esteem.
  • The high school currently does not have a covered gym facility adapted for the students and is limited in its ability to host other schools for interschool championships.
  • Sports are practiced in an outdoor green space which is next to the classes, resulting in disruptions to students in sessions (e.g. due to noise) or in areas that are not adequate (e.g. basketball court is smaller than regulation size).
  • The construction of an indoor gym would result in fewer seizures for students. Climatic conditions (e.g. heat, the strobe effect of the sunlight) can provoke a seizure. Having a controlled indoor environment would help reduce the incidents of seizures among students.

The school would like to create an indoor gymnasium on the school grounds

  • The proposed Gymnasium would:
  • – Be situated on the grounds of the School,
  • – Be 100% wheel chair accessible,
  • – Consist of an area dedicated to sports large enough to host a hand ball court, a basket ball court and two rooms for other sports (e.g. table tennis, judo, dance, weight lifting),
  • – Include separate changing, shower, and locker rooms for girls and boys,
  • – Include facilities for sports teachers,
  • – Include space for storing sports equipment.
  • The building of the gymnasium would provide a safe environment for students to practice sports; all structures would be designed for children with special needs.

The facility would be easily convertible to host the myriad sports teams at the school


  • The proposed Gymnasium would host the School’s teams and sports programs in:
  • – Table tennis (Titres de champions de France 1997, 1998),
  • – Multi Sport (Titres de champions de France 2012),
  • – Archery,
  • – Basketball,
  • – Badminton,
  • – Judo,
  • – Dance,
  • – Weightlifting,
  • The walls would be moveable to allow for multiple sports practices and games / meets.
Plan Gym

The overall costs of building the facility is more than €1.4 million and Marion Clignet needs to raise 800 000 euros for this project.


This project is endorsed by two time Olympic medallist Marion Clignet

Franco-American (born in Chicago to French parents) Marion Clignet began bike racing at the age of 22, when she lost her drivers license after being diagnosed with epilepsy. In order to keep her job at a local gymnasium, she began cycling the 60 km round trip commute to work. Every day, she cycled faster and faster and eventually began racing, finding a place on the US cycling team.

Although she consistently finished in the top four amongst the riders on the team, she was not selected on the US team attending the world championships in 1990 because her epilepsy was seen as “a risk to the team.” Instead, Marion was invited to join the French national team and went on to WIN the championships the following year. She also went on to win two silver medals (Atlanta, Sydney), 6 world titles, the world record for 3km, and 180 races worldwide.

Rather than acting as a barrier to achieving goals in her life, Epilepsy enabled Marion to push herself further than she ever imagined possible. She simply never wanted the illness to control her life.
Marion is working in close association with the Lycée Professionnel Castelnouvel to help them achieve their dream of building an indoor sports facility.

Marion Clignet