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Gruissan Phoebus trail-25km with 850 D+

I caught up with my team mate Maud at race registration in Gruissan-she was dressed a bit like wonder-woman with thèse super High leather boots…her dressed to kill look. Ready for our first trail of the season with special guests Phiphi (my Partner) and Fire (my dog) as our director sportifs. We rented a room for the night on Airbnb which turned out to be quite nice ! One again the alarm went off at 6 am and after all the race morning rituals of coffee, tea, pinning race numbers etc…At 7 we were off to the start. The Gruissan race starts on a flat section out of town and about 5kms out we zig zag through a field to climb the Black diamond-a very steep and fairly long climb….During our warm up Maud and I headed in that direction running a smaller climb for the warm up but taking a good look at where we’d need to place ourselves for the Black Diamond. The race went started at 8 am and went out fast ! I tried to keep myself calm all the while jostling for position up front so as not to get stuck in trafic up the climb. I made it to the base in about 30th position and moved up a tad on the climb losing a few places later…

Gruissan Podium

The race seemed harder then last year with a few more steep climbs and a few super technical descents. The highlight was the sun making an appearance about half way through motivating us all to push a little harder. I ended up winning the women’s race and thus more wine-all of thèse races are ironically filling my wine cellar !

Next week I’m planning to race another 25 km trail race with 1000 m of climbing called The Hills of the Devil !