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Olympic Mindset Coaching

Marion Clignet

From beginner to elite


The Bronze Medal

Busy schedule? Too busy to commit to more than once a week ? Give me 12 weeks to help you start your path to better health. Once a week is all you can commit to so we’ll start with that! I’ll workout with you to show you the way on your 12 week journey. This will be your apero to better health.

What’s on the table? One hour a week personalized training with me including cardio, resistance, stretching, nutritional tips, and two assessments (beginning and end) to measure your progress.


The Silver Medal

A one way ticket to  a new body and a new mind, you’re becoming an endorphin junkie !! Working out won’t even feel like an effort anymore. You’ll want to put on your sports gear and run out the door.  Keep your metabolism up and rocking, sprint after your kids, friends, whoever, full of energy, resilience, feel good and see the results.  Make physical activity your favorite dish !! A monthly assessement, 2 sports sessions per week (includes cardio, resistance, stretching, personalised tips, a monthly video, nutritional guidance, and kitchen tour)

So why a one way ticket ? Because once you get there you’re not going to want to come back !


The Gold Medal

I’m HOOKED!!!!

Feeling like you want to run, ride a bike, step outside of your comfort zone!! A monthly assessment, 3 sports sessions a week, specific preparation (or not) and fun!!, Specific cooking tips, personalized program including cardio, resistance, stretching, goal preparation, kitchen tour, and a fun trip to the grocery or market with you to advise you on what to buy to healthfully fuel your body and mind and even some chocolate….….and maybe some magic drinks! (non-alcoholic)

Riding on your endorphin high and you want more!?


Raise your arms in victory, you’ve just climbed to the top step of YOUR podium!

Pricing Plans

3 per week packages to choose from


olympic mindset

From beginner to elite, choose between different programs and access YOUR podium!


special elixir!

I’ve distilled 30 years of experience, two Olympic medals, and more, into 3 accessible but powerful programs that will get you the results you’re looking for !


join us

Be a part of our events including La Marion Clignet fund ride!!! And learn more about BAM and other exciting coaching!

Let’s GO

The standard program

Real Work. Real Results.

It’s never too late to start feeling good about yourself and your physique, AND there’s no age limit for feeling like you could jump tall buildings in a single bound!

Who says losing weight after giving birth has to be hard, who says getting in shape at or after 40 is impossible, who says you can’t keep up with your kids after 50??

Is this what you’re telling yourself??


Let me tell you a different story…

  • What are your needs?
  • What is your motivation?
  • You want to feel better about yourself? Confident, resilient?
  • You don’t like your reflection in the mirror?
  • You would like to eat for energy and not feel hungry all the time?


Come with me, I have something for you:   a special elixir! I’ve distilled 30 years of experience, double Olympic medals, and more, into 3 accessible but powerful programs that will get you the results you’re looking for !

What next? Well, let’s have a look!



"We’ll visit your kitchen, together? WHAT??!! MY kitchen?? Why???"


For you the tight scheduled multi-tasking busy woman

You’re competent you’re capable, you’re autonomous, you don’t need a cheerleader and you want to do sport. But getting up at 5am or getting home after 5pm from a heavy day at work to work out alone is enough to send you to the fridge…..and yet, you  really want to take action to slip into those stretch jeans, feel fit, light, energetic, and be able to wear what you want and not just what still fits …

It’s time, isn’t it 

Soooo, let’s take action, have fun working out!!?? Huh?? Yes, working out with me will be fun, you’ll build confidence, resilience, motivation, and you’ll even smile while you’re sweating along the path to better health, shape, and self-image !




Remember when YOU had the endurance to go all night?!

And now…. feeling out of breath at the top of a staircase? Can’t keep up with your kids on the ski slopes? Sick of seeing the shock on your doctor’s face when he looks at your blood test?  Want to button that last button without your belly hanging over the top of your pants? It’s time…isn’t it?

Let’s get you feeling better about your body, which also means building confidence in yourself, resilience in your workouts, and smiling while you work out!! Yes! Making this FUN

helps produce endorphins so you’ll feel that extra feel good jolt !   So you’ll run up those stairs 2 at a time, ski joyfully past your kids on the slopes and brag about it over a beer with your friends afterwards.  YOU Want to feel good, eat well, and fit into the hip/ stylish clothes you’ve been eyeballing and loving what you see.

Let’s find what will guide us on how to accomplish the task ahead…

Just starting out :

 Let’s get to the point! Where are you now and where do you want to go or be? (That place where you feel at ease physically doing something harder than a game of pétanque…). From there I’ll write you the 12 week program that we’ll do together. What is that? Using your assessment results, we’ll choose options you enjoy from cardio to building strength and resistance.  Hate running, biking, lifting weights? Don’t worry there are other options, come and find out.   

 Then if you want to know how to make your kitchen your best ally and your fridge your best friend… (Let’s face it, if you want your results to be sustainable you’re going to have to make a few adjustments.)

 We’ll do a Kitchen Tour!!!

What is a kitchen tour? We (you and I) are going to go through your cupboards, fridge, and pantry to see what stays and what goes.

Never fear, we won’t toss everything we’ll just get rid of additives, preservatives, and negatives. Basically, everything that will ruin your progress. AND NO you won’t be restricted to a carrot and celery diet.


Want to overcome your own obstacles??

Drop me a line and we’ll find a solution!

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