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January 24th, 2016

Sooo, I have to say this cross country season has me a little less confident then last season if for no other reason because during the festivities between Christmas and new years I ate too much, probably drank more then my share, and went to bed at 7 am on new year’s day which took me a little bit of time to recover from ! The first cross races I did this season I can’t say I did in idéal conditions-I raced the first one the day after racing a 16km trail race with quite a bit of climbing but ended up doing well all the same. The second race I got in over my head racing a trail relay in the morning –my leg was 11km with another runner and then I hopped in the car and raced a cross race on a horse racing track. I felt worse then I ever have and couldn’t seem to get out of my own way ! For our local championships I raced with bronchitis so that was far from idéal though I did manage  to finish 5th breathing like darth vader.

Championnat Cross 24 Janv 16

Our regional championships were pretty full on and the race went off with a bang ! The course was really nice with a bit of flat, two long false flats and some off camber descents… I managed to ‘grab a wheel’ and hang on for about 2kms realizing that if I kept up the pace I may just Blow myself up and the remaining site wouldn’t be pretty….so I backed off a tad and kept my rhythm finishing 5th and first vétéran qualifying me for nationals. I opted to leave nationals where they are (an 8 hour drive from Toulouse) and start my trail season instead !