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February, 21rst, 2016,

Once again my alarm goes off at O fuck hundred ! I went to bed at 10 thinking Id sleep well and at Midnight I was up drinking herbal tea to try and get back to sleep. Yesterday Phiphi (my Partner Philippe) and I dusted off our bikes after a 5 month break in the garage and took them out for a 50 km spin…then we tested a recuperation drink-perhaps that was the culprit ?

Anyway, up and at ‘em. I usually start off my day with green tea but this was definitely an espresso morning !! a few shots later and I’m off for a 1h 30 drive to #‎Cahors otherwise known for wine and truffels…I drove up following signs to a covered parking lot and ran into some running pals with whom I went off to explore the first climb….as bad if not worse than the black climb in Gruissan the week before.


The gun went off and I positioned myself to not get shot out the back by a trafic jam up the climb. After about  2 kms there was a bit of walk jogging or wogging as we call it and power walking –I stayed as long as I could with a Small group of guys surprised that my legs felt good on the flats. They eventually sauntered off and I continued on at my own rhythm welcomed by a horseman on the plateau. The course was gorgeous with vineyards, climbs, descents, old rail-road tracks and a killer climb to come towards the end-the infamous Mont St Cyr with a cross at the peak overlooking Cahors.

With 6 km to go a woman and a guy caught up to me and the guy tells the girl-See ! you did it !! You caught the front of the race.  I was happy she was there so we could really race and encouraged her to keep up the pace. Her Partner described the last two climbs and as we once again traversed the rail-roads tracks she started complaining she had cramps. At the end of the tracks there was a sharp upwards left that basically went vertically up so I opted to put the pressure on there to see what she had left in the tank. I made a différence in the climb, attacked the stairs even harder and tried to keep from taking myself out on the descending rock stairs….I finally made it to the final stretch-about 500 m to go over a bridge, a few calf cramps and across the finish line. Fanny came in a few minutes down and a huge potential ahead of her !